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Top row, L-R; Shannon Stowe, Donna Marye, Megan Wussow, Eileen Sheets, Bottom Row, L-R; Klayton Costanzo, Art Fields, Duston Harris, Levy Burris, (Loren Woody not pictured)

Welcome to the 81st Garfield County Fair & Rodeo

The Garfield County Fair Board wants to welcome all of our fair attendees and participants to the 2019 Garfield County Fair & Rodeo, this year’s theme is “We’ve Got a Good Thing Growin”. We hope the continued growth and improvements to the fair and fair programming makes this an enjoyable and memorable visit.

We would like to thank everyone that contributed to the success of the 2018 Fair, all Participants, Attendees, Sponsors, Volunteers and Partners. We recognize that the Garfield County Fair & Rodeo can’t happen without the outpouring of community support, again a big “Thank You” to everyone.

The following comments are from our Fair Board Members and explains what the fair is to them;

The fair to me is a place where I and my family can go to be one with the community. The western theme of our fair portrays the western heritage that is so deep in not only our town, but in our wonderful little county. We go to the fair every year and are sad when it ends, but are always excited to see what the next fair holds. – Art Fields

The Fair to me, means community. It means family. It means memories and heritage. This is an event where neighbors gather, show their talents, and share ideas. It’s a place where we reunite with old friends and make new ones. It’s a place where traditions are handed down to the next generation. It’s a place where fun is had, and new memories created. It’s educating the public about the importance of agriculture and livestock not only to Western culture but its impact on our future for us all. – Shannon Stowe

What the fair means to me. It means so many different things. To me it’s a way of giving back to the people of the county. It’s about family, friends it’s a way to show off the talents and hard work of the people in the county. To put a smile on the face of a kid while they’re watching a car get smashed at the demo derby or a great ride at the rodeo or just being around 4-H livestock. Just giving kids a chance to experience and see things that they may not get a chance to in their everyday lives. – Duston Harris

To me the Fair is a time when all walks of life can get together and enjoy themselves. Whether it’s the rodeos, or you come to enjoy a funnel cake and the carnival. Perhaps you’re looking to browse our local food and merchandise vendors. Maybe it’s to watch one of the great big names for a concert, or you make your way down to support the local 4H chapters in the livestock sale. It’s a chance to blend western heritage with other events, to make something the whole community can enjoy. I’m excited to help continue to grow and make this a memorable event. So, whether it’s your first, or your fifty third, I look forward to seeing you all at the county fair! – Klayton J. Costanzo

The coming together of families and ranchers to see the youth projects in the hard work the kids put in their projects and the open class the people put in their project and the county coming to gather to have fun at the rodeo and concert. – Loren Woody

Being new to the Board, and also a non-native of the rodeo, 4-H, and the livestock world, what the fair means to me is complete intrigue and wide-eyed excitement.  For me and many in this very county, the fair is a glimpse into an alternative world where people live and breathe a different language, though simultaneously exhibiting the exact same innate qualities of love and passion and drive and heart as in any other place for any other lifetime cause.  The fair means bridging this gap with new friendships, new awareness, and an even more expansive mindset. I see the fair as a catalyst for continued experience in our community’s young people, a platform for athleticism and artistry, and an icon of the importance of our beautiful physical environment and how its health drives human health. We’ve definitely got a good thing growin’ ! – Megan Wussow

The fair has been a way for me to meet and become part of my community.  I enjoy the familiar faces and friendliness that I’ve found while serving the last 5 years on the Fair Board.  I’m very grateful to be part of such a wonderful community. – Donna Marye

To me, our Garfield County Fair and Rodeo is a wonderful event with a focus on our rural way of life, the beauty of Garfield and it’s people.  Our Fair is a vehicle in which the best and the brightest can shine through their 4-H & FFA projects, where we can all get a ‘taste’ of the many flavors of Garfield County, and have a grand time with our families and friends.  I love being apart of the Garfield County Fair and Rodeo and it’s my honor to work alongside a group of volunteers who desire to spotlight our wonderful Garfield County.  -Eileen Sheets

We are looking forward to another great year with our 4H youth in the Livestock and General Projects. It couldn’t be done without our 4H, FFA, CSU Extension, all of our volunteer leaders, parents and our youth. Stop by South Hall and see all the local talent on display in our Open Class Projects. The handmade items, delicious baked goods, quilting and home grown produce, showcases our self-sufficient pioneer lifestyle. The Midway will once again feature vendors, entertainment and a Carnival. Come and enjoy your favorite fairs foods and treats while listening to good music and visiting with family and friends.

I want to give special “Thank You” to our volunteers who spend countless hours helping to ensure a successful fair experience for everyone. The county staff works around the clock with the Fair Board to ensure that all areas are ready for the spectators and participants to enjoy events in a safe and worry free environment.

We would like to recognize our Board of County Commissioners and thank them for all the great support for the Fair. When you get the chance, please thank them personally, none of this could be done without their support.

The 2019 Garfield County Fair Board invites you to our 81st Garfield County Fair & Rodeo as a participant, a sponsor, a volunteer, an exhibitor or a spectator!

We hope to see you at the Fair.

Levy Burris, Fair Board President

Garfield County Fair & Rodeo mission statement

The purpose of the Fair Board is, in collaboration with Garfield County Administration, to ensure the successful promotion, production, and execution of the Fair each year.

The Fair Board shall ensure Fair programming is of high quality and that programming improves annually, as needed. Fair programming:
• Shall embrace all ages, persons, cultures, and entities within Garfield County
• Shall foster a spirit of community values
• Shall promote the Western and agricultural heritage and history of Garfield County.


Fair Board members

Community members are currently invited to apply to serve on the 2019 Garfield County Fair Board.

Fair Board member application form Fair Board bylaws Please contact Garfield County Fair and Events Coordinator through our online contact form for instructions on submitting a completed form.